Online: 3 Legged Stool
Online: 3 Legged Stool
Sep 13 | 12:01 AM-11:59 PM PST
Sessions: 1
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Sep 13 | 12:01 AM-11:59 PM PST
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Instructor: Kim McIntyre

Learn how to make a 3 legged stool at your own pace. This entire online class is prerecorded, it contains 14 tutorials and 4 recorded live sessions. You can split green wood for your stool legs or search out some tree branches. In the leg shaping steps you'll get to use a drawknife and spoke shave. For the seat blank you will use dry lumber, mostly likely use a circular cutting jig and a router table to bevel the edges. Next, you'll learn how to drill angled holes through the seat, and the joinery for the legs and stretchers by using a tapered tenon cutter and reamer. Wedges for all of the joints. This class can be a springboard of skills that you might use in future projects. Students are welcome to interact and leave posts on Microsoft Teams, the platform used to hold this class's content. The goal is to build up a community of current and past students that can share their experience of building their own 3 legged stool. After enrolling in the class, students will be added to the Team every Monday; please ignore the class date assigned to this class as Pratt's website doesn't have the option to buy a truly digital product. Students must supply their own tools and materials. A detailed supply list is available upon request (inquire with kmcintyre@pratt.org) and will be emailed within 24 hrs of registering for the class. Currently there is no limit to the length of time students can take to build the 3 legged stool and remained engaged with other students building this project. No prerequisite.

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